Senior Net Programme

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Courses for Term 3 2022

What does that mean?

An informal discussion to help you improve your understanding of common technology expressions. 
The activity will be followed by a subsidised finger food lunch at $5.

Photo book

This course has been very popular, we are repeating it in the new 2022 term. An interesting course designed to give you the skills to produce your own photograph album unlike any you have had in the past.

Your photo book is usually themed by you, deciding what you would like to preserve for your grandchildren and beyond.   

An interesting development is the interest in old photos that should be preserved for future generations.

Lots to think about and we provide you with the opportunity for action with this course!

Genealogy Workshop

This is designed for those people who have already who have already taken the beginners course and wish to continue the journey into the lives of their ancestors.

The Wonderful World of the Internet

Come along and enjoy a journey into what the internet has to offer. Led by Brendan Girvan.